Visual Studio & Visual Basic FAQ


Black Box instead of a barcodeLink

I embedded your control in a form and I get a black box instead of a barcode?
Your developing environment selected bad default colors for our control. Simply customize hte control by yourself and set the background color (Backcolor) on white (clWhite). This will solve the problem.

Saving Bitmap filesLink

My primary objective is to take the barcodes that I've generated and save them as .bmp files. I'm using Visual Basic. Can you help me?
Yes, simply use the methods SaveAs, SaveAsBySize or SaveAsBySizeExtended.

If you want to change the bitmap before saving, use the Picture property to retrieve the image.

Crystal Report data bindingLink

We try to use your control with Crystal Report and Visual Basic for usage on a report. We can add the control als OLE object, but we cannot link a property with a database?
You need to make the data binding manually from your Visual Basic program. As far as we know, Crystal Report cannot do this automatically.

Development environment: license issueLink

I use an Enterprise Edition and my development environment tells me about a missing license for the barcode object. This may happen at design time or while distributing you program.
Often a development environment like Delphi, Visual Studio or VB6 does not recognize the change of the license from the Trial version to the full version. This is because the license data in store while adding the object to the development environment. In this case, it is necessary to insert the control again.
Please examine first whether you installed the developer license file on the development computer correctly. If not, do this now.
Now you start your development environment. Do not open your project. Now remove the control from the Toolbox. Best is to close and restart Visual Studio now. After the restart you insert the control back into the Toolbox. Now the correct license information will be stored in the development environment and you can open your project again and finally compile it with the correct license.