Misc FAQ


True Type fonts? ActiveBarcode is better!Link

I am searching for a true type font to display barcodes. Can you help me?
Yes and no. A barcode true type font is not what we can offer because this is only a static solution with restricted use. With a true type font automatic check digits are not possible and binding to a database seems to be impossible. Our solution uses a much more powerful way: The barcode is displayed by the ActiveBarcode control and so it offers you many more features than a static barcode true type font.

Windows 3.x:Link

Is there a 16-bit solution available?
No, ActiveBarcode is not available for 16-bit Windows. ActiveBarcode will not run on Win3.x. You'll need a newer Windows version in order to use ActiveBarcode.

Change the human readable text lineLink

How can I change the format of the text line under the barcode?
If you want another text line format for a barcode you can use the ShowText Property to deactive the text line under the barcode by setting it to false. Then you can create your own textline manually in the format you require with your software.

Mac OS XLink

Do you also offer a barcode to software for macOS?
No, unfortunately, we offer no software for macOS.

You can run Windows applications with VMware Fusion under macOS. The ActiveBarcode Generator can be used this way. So, if you own a Windows system, you can create the needed barcodes as image files (e.g., TIFF, gif, PNG, WMF, EMF) with ActiveBarcode and use them on your macOS system.

Size ErrorLink

The control is displaying "Size Error". What does it mean?
This error says that the barcode cannot be displayed at this resolution. Enlarge the controls size.

Text ErrorLink

The control is displaying "Text Error". What does it mean?
The "text Error" message says that the value which you would like to encode as a barcode does not fit to the selected barcode symbology. E.g. you try to encode letters in a numeric barcode such as EAN-13
Solution: Select a suitable barcode type (e.g. Code 128) that allows letters or change the text that it is valid for the selected barcode type (i.e. for EAN-13 the number of digits has to be right and if you enter the check digit, it must be correct, too).

Image filesLink

Can I use the images files that I have created with the ActiveBarcode Generator under Windows on a MAC?
You can save the barcodes as image files with the ActiveBarcode Generator. This goes in many standard formats, like TIF, gif, BMP etc. You can use these files without problems on other systems (e.g., Mac).