The Toolbar

Working with the Toolbar

You can access all important functions when creating a barcode via the toolbar. This makes it possible to work quickly and effectively with the generator. The functions are briefly explained below:

Barcode type


Barcode type

Select the appropriate barcode symbology here.

Character sequence



(F6)   Text...Icon
Geben Sie hier den zu codierenden Text des Barcodes ein. Einige Barcodetypen unterstützen auch die Codierung von Steuerzeichen.




Creates a new barcode. Select the barcode type and enter the data to be encoded.


(Ctrl+O)   Open...Icon
Use this to open a .BAR file. A .BAR file is a description of a barcode. Only the ActiveBarcode Generator is using this file format. It's designed to save barcodes with less storage size.


(Ctrl+S)   Save...Icon
Use this to save a barcode. Only the ActiveBarcode Generator is using this file format and can open this files.

Image file

  Export image file...Icon
This functions saves the current barcode as a bitmap file. You can import this files with many applications. The size of the bitmap is defined over the function "Layout&Size"in the menu "Barcode".

Serial export

  Multiple export...Icon
This functions saves the current barcode as a bitmap file. You have more options: You can create series of image files and you can rotate the barcode image freely (0-359 degrees) while exporting.



Copy Bitmap

(Ctrl+B)   Copy BitmapIcon
Copies the barcode as a bitmap to the clipboard. Many applications can use this format. Bitmaps are not free scaleable.

Vector graphics

(Ctrl+M)   Copy MetafileIcon
Copies the barcode as meta-graphics to the clipboard. Most applications can use this interchange format. Meta-graphics is free scaleable.

Plain text line



Select the font for the barcode text.


(F8)   ShowtextIcon
Decide whether the human readable text line is included or not.




Change the width and height of the borders an the notch length here.


(F9-F12)   RotateIcon
Select the orientation of the barcode in 90 degrees steps.


  Align centerIcon
Switches the alignment of the barcode.

Foreground color

  Foreground color...Icon
Select the foreground color for the barcode.

Background color

  Background color...Icon
Select the background color for the barcode.



Size in Pixels

Set the size of the barcode in pixels.


Set the desired DPI here. This specification is used to calculate the real size (status bar below). This value is also saved in the image file as PNG, BMP, TIFF or JPEG when exporting.

Size in cm/inch

This function is a conversion for cm or inch. Enter the desired barcode size in cm/inch. The input is converted into pixels according to the DPI you set.

Quick & Easy

Schnell & einfach

Set size to

Here you can quickly and easily select an automatically calculated barcode size.




  One barcode...Icon
Use this function to print a barcode in exact dimensions and on a specific place on a sheet of paper. Example: Print one barcode exactly onto a page.


Print labels with barcodes on it. Example: Printing barcode labels.




(Ctrl+D)   Language GermanIcon
Sets the language of the ActiveBarcode Generator to German. All menus and messages will the be displayed in German language.


(Ctrl+E)   Language EnglishIcon
Sets the language of the ActiveBarcode Generator to English. All menus and messages will the be displayed in English language.

Internet Homepage

  Internet HomepageIcon
Opens your default Internet browser and goes directly to the homepage of ActiveBarcode.


Opens your standard Email software to send an Email to the ActiveBarcode Team.

About ActiveBarcode...

  About ActiveBarcode...Icon
Opens a dialog box showing you the current version number and more info about this application.


Closes the ActiveBarcode Generator.



UTF-8 encoding

  UTF-8 encodingIcon
If on, characters above ASCII 127 will be encodes in UTF-8. This applies to QR Code, PDF417 and Data Matrix.

Set demo text

(F7)   Set demo textIcon
Sets the barcode text for a vaild value for demonstration or test purposes.

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